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Download is listed at $5.00, nonetheless, it is a no-cost downloadable sample (33 selected pages) of the work IF you use the promo code "CH-Sample." If you want to donate $5.00, I leave this totally up to you. However, I am quite happy to offer a zero-cost-to-you free sampling of the new Coming Home book so that you can first have a look at the work and judge for yourself if you feel the material can be of some benefit to you.

COMING HOME Download (Free with Coupon)

  • 1) Add the $5.00 download to your shopping cart.


    2) When you are ready to check out, look for the option to add a promo code to your order.


    3) Type in the promo code CH-Sample and the shopping cart will apply a $5.00 discount. 


    4) Download the PDF flipbook file. CLICK ON "INDEX.HTML."


    5) Dive-in and start reading the material now (33 selected pages).


    6) If you find that you really like what you read and you want to learn more, buy the softcover book online from this webstore. Your puchase financially supports this teaching ministry.


    7) In the near future, the book will be available online through and also distributed through Apple, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google, and other international online retail bookstores. 


    Thanks so much.

    Avi ben Mordechai

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