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2019 Portrait of Avi ben Mordechai


For Coming Home 

Coming Home Inc., is a Torah-based teaching ministry of Avi ben Mordechai. Coming Home is a C-Corporation registered with the US Wyoming Secretary of State - EIN Tax ID Number 27-452-4953. Annually, we file and pay corporate taxes like any other corporation. However, we do NOT subscribe to a USA 501 (c) (3) non-profit organisational structure for donation purposes because we wish to maintain our freedom of speech without government intrusion and oversight into what we can and cannot say.


Within our for-profit C-Corp US Taxing framework, any monetary donations given to us fall under certain IRS reporting rules and I do not make it a point to know all of those rules on this matter. Therefore, if you have any questions about whether you are permitted to claim a write off for certain donation amounts to us, please consult a tax professional to determine your donation limits to a company operating as an IRS C-Corporation Tax entity. 

If you feel led to donate to this work, please enter in the amount to the DonorBox fields on this screen, to the right. Your donations can be regular monthly or annual gifts; or simply enter a one-off amount if you wish. Thanks so much for thinking of us!

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